Quantum Success

Roberta "Bobbi" DePorter is the President of the Quantum Learning Network (QLN) and co-founder of the SuperCamp program.
In the late-1970s, DePorter was co-founder of the Burklyn Business School in Vermont – an avante-garde school that taught traditional business subjects in a non-traditional manner. DePorter studied with Dr. Georgi Lozanov, who developed accelerated learning, and applied his methods at the school.

In 1982, DePorter teamed-up with Eric Jensen and Greg Simmons to co-found SuperCamp – a summer camp program designed to introduce teenagers to accelerated learning academic skills and valuable life skills. The SuperCamp program is now run by QLN and is held annually at several locations across the United States and around the world. Since 1982, more than 50,000 students worldwide have attended SuperCamp.
What is the Quantum Success?
Quantum Success is a phenomenon that occurs in people's lives when their personal interactions with the world changes from energy into light. Quantum Success is exponential. It brighten your life. It could not stay in office, It spread into every aspect of your self. And it is the best way to respond to cries of invasion of the complexity of modern life, because he is the transcendent success of the change.

Bobbi DePorter, Quantum Success, 2006, Kaifa : Bandung.



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